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Avalon Guard
It is common knowledge that municipal cemeteries are natural breeding grounds for criminal activities, ranging from petty theft to hijacking and even murder. To ensure that Bloemfontein Memorial Park can abide by our claim of offering "a safe and beautiful place to lay your loved ones to rest"™, we have gone to great lengths to provide a deterrent to all such activities.

In conjunction with the 2.1 metre high galvanised mesh and reinforced concrete pillar fence, with electrification all around, which provide a substantial perimeter barrier, the entire complex has only one entry/exit point, which is under 24 hour surveillance. This is a further measure to ensure that no untoward persons gain access to the complex.

These measures ensure that all our visitors are safe from any harassment, be it criminal or not, whilst also ensuring the safety of the plaques and other features of the complex.

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