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Considering that we were breaking new ground, both in terms of the standard perceptions and expectations surrounding interment structures, as well as in terms of the design and architecture of the concept, we felt it incumbent to rise to the challenge and create a truly novel concept, rather than merely a re-interpretation of existing ideas.


We first incorporated a basic mausoleum, or "wall of remembrance", then evolved the concept into an entire complex. At its heart stands the Mausoleum. As you will see from the graphics, the central Mausoleum, housing 10 000 niches, is of such a design as to make the project much more than just another burial alternative. It is a prestigious place to inter one's deceased loved ones.


The surrounding axis step walls, housing a further 40 000 niches, are structured along the West East axis providing an alternative interment option. Another benefit of the step walls is that each wall contains between 400 and 800 niches, thus allowing for a congregation or community or other like-minded group to acquire one entire wall.

Step Walls

Lastly, the 5 000 columns spread across the front quadrants of the project add both a novel aspect, as well as a more personal alternative, as each column houses only one niche. This means that the column acts as a headstone for the deceased, as well as providing a private space for the family to attend to their dearly departed.


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