Bloemfontein Memorial Park

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The Bloemfontein Memorial Park idea was born of necessity and demand:

The necessity to find a solution to the critical problem of urban cemetery saturation in the larger cities of South Africa, as well the need to produce an acceptable solution to government's inability to provide new land for cemeteries.

The increased demand by the public for some way to provide for the interment of a loved one's remains in an environment not subject to crime, desolation and general ineffectuality of state run cemeteries, was also a major factor in the establishment of our serene Memorial Park.

In short, we set out to provide a place of unequalled beauty and tranquillity, a magnificent monument, imbued with DIGNITY and RESPECT for our loved ones, offering a rare sense of tranquillity, where they can be laid to rest in a safe and secure environment.

In keeping with these principles, we also established the Bloemfontein Memorial Park Maintenance Programme, whereby the park is fully maintained and cared for, for a minimum of 50 years (political upheavals and extraordinary economic factors notwithstanding, of course). In terms of this Programme, the Memorial Park you see today, is the Memorial Park your grandchildren will see fifty years from now – how many other burial sites in Africa can claim this?

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